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Peter's Shooting Lines

How to start this newsletter without sounding too smug? I really enjoyed this indoor season with as mentioned on the last shoot the banter on our end of the line. We all have good and bad shooting sessions, the trick is not to let the bad ones get to you. I certainly had several shoots where my shooting colleagues nudged ahead, but on the day well - smug person after all! Again we managed to shoot a variety of indoor rounds (seventeen) during a reduced shooting season, which has left a long gap between the indoor and start of our outdoor season. Richard Rawlins and I have still to negotiate for next year’s indoor season. Hopefully we will have good news to report during the summer.

Well done and congratulations to all the trophy winners! The indoor tournament on the 11th of March was well attended with 18 archers competing, down by three on last year. We have 9 junior archers in the club this year and the Junior Champion Trophy and the Junior Handicap Trophy were won by Daniel Clarke. The Chance trophy was evenly matched between four archers up to the 11th Feb and then Andrew Cawte just romped away, so well done Andrew and commiserations to the rest of us!

Thanks to everyone for bringing prizes for the raffle and, more importantly, buying tickets which raised £51 The cost of trophy engraving and medal replacements this indoor came to £73.45. All trophies have been collected apart from one which will be available for collection on Wednesday or Sunday when shooting starts again.

The club stats for this indoor season are: 305 rounds shot over 17 sessions and handicap gains of 99, well up on last year. The colour prizes were won by John Dansey (Gold), Mike Rogers (Red), Nia Rogers (Blue), David Paris (Black) and Peter Foreman (White) after all eighteen archers had a one arrow shoot off. Well done to you all!

The dates and shooting times for this summer season can be found on the website but, just in case, here they are:

Every Sunday between 14th May 2017 and 27th August 2017.

                Excluding: Sunday 4th June and Sunday 25th June 2017.

Sunday shooting times: 14:00 to 16:30.

Every Wednesday between 17th May 2017 and 23rd August 2017.

Wednesday shooting times: 18:30 to 20:30 down to 20:00 during August as the days shorten.  

For all above shooting times please arrive 30 minutes early to setup the field and your equipment.

 For the club championship I have penciled in the 13th August but we will go with a majority decision date!

The fees are as follows: the total fee for an Adult is £65 and for a Junior £48 inclusive of the NSRA insurance. This insurance must be paid before you can shoot on the field.  Please make cheques payable to Velmead Archers. We have had to increase the fee as the Parish Council have increased the field hire this year. This still equates to good value as each session (29 of them) is only £2.24p for an adult!

I still have to sort your personal scores, but other results are available to download including the Chance Trophy, thanks to our Webmaster, Steve Potts.

Finally, thank you to everyone who turned out on Sunday (25th March) morning at 09:00 BST (which felt like 08:00) to move all the equipment from the Leisure Centre to Zebon Copse. A special thankyou to John Dowling who had to get up with the dawn chorus to collect the Ford transit van. This allowed us to move all the equipment in one move to the field.

I look forward to seeing you all on the shooting line.

Peter J Foreman