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The Summer Olympics in Japan are history now. For archery fans, one of the big highlights took place on the fourth day of the games at Yumenoshima Park Archery Field in Tokyo when the best men’s archers went to the team competition. Many experts there had bet on the team of South Korea in advance. Unsurprisingly, the archers Kim Je-deok, Oh Jin-hyek and Kim Woo-jin won 6-0 against their competitors from Taiwan. Tang Chih-chun, Wei Chun-heng and Deng Yu-cheng took silver; the bronze medal went to the hosts from Japan.

With this success, the archers from South Korea managed to defend their Olympic victory successfully as nobody was able to beat the team in Rio either. It’s no wonder, however, since the members of the Korean Olympic team are the best in their field. Oh Jin-hyek won the individual gold medal in London, Kim Woo-jin won gold in the four-year-old team, and Kim Je-deok won gold medals twice in Tokyo. He was previously successful in the mixed event with his teammate An San too. At only 17 years of age, the archer from South Korea is the youngest Olympic archery champion to date.

Nobody could beat women this time either. With the victory in the team competition, the athletes from South Korea won their ninth gold medal in a row. They also effortlessly defeated the team from Russia 6-0. The women’s victory was even more astonishing as it was the first time that all three members had taken part at the Olympic Games. Luckily, they showed no nervousness and confirmed their skills in the eyes of the world public. The result in the final was not an exceptional achievement either.

On the contrary, you could see their relaxed attitude and cheerfulness. The archers have already demonstrated that they are capable of an outstanding performance. Initially, the team won the quarterfinals against Italy 6-0. They then defeated Belarus 5-1 in the semi-finals. They played in the finals perfectly and without losing a set, the athletes won the gold medal.

First Three-Time Gold Medal Winner

First An San won gold in the mixed event, then in the group and then in the individual competition. At the age of 20, the athlete became the first female three-time gold medal winner. At first, she barely made it into the national selection for the Olympic Games in Japan with third place. There she underpinned her favorite position with 680 points in the first round and, eventually, she improved the Olympic record with it. Her mental strength became her greatest asset. Her captain, Kang Chae-young, however, was able to rehabilitate. In 2016 in Rio, she was the world number one but could not qualify for the Olympics as fourth in the preliminary round of South Korea. Now she also won gold.

First Three-Time Gold Medal Winner
First Three-Time Gold Medal Winner

The success of South Korea is due to their outstanding performance and systematic training. The Koreans have also recreated the Tokyo competition venue at home and had the athletes train there. Even a corresponding soundscape ensured that the atmosphere resembled that of Olympia. The effort paid off, and South Korea was once again in a class of its own.