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When the producers founded Marvel Studios at the end of 1993, nobody could have believed that this film company is going to shake the whole Hollywood upside down. Many things have happened since then. Superheroes have hit the big screen with a great power. At the same time, they have redefined the genre. The worldwide success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has found numerous imitators, but none of them was able to catch the same hype of Iron Man and Co. The expansion of Marvel on television received a lot of attention and they also conquered the small screens with their shows. Numerous TV series that have found fans for years are responsible for this. For a long time, the great comic opponent DC Comics fought unsuccessfully against the onslaught of Marvel. But one series managed to survive successfully. Arrow puts a marksman at the centre of the action.

From Playboy To Knight For Justice

The focus is on the master archer Oliver Queen. After barely surviving a shipwreck, the former playboy and son of a millionaire find himself trapped on a desert island for years. There he leads a life like the fictional character Robinson-Crusoe. He uses the time to practice his archery skills and grows up to be a master with a Bow and Arrow. That changes his nature. After being rescued from the island, he decides to use his new skills to serve a good cause. Queen returns to his hometown of Starling City. During the day he maintains his image as a spoiled millionaire, but at night he sets off with a Bow and Arrow. Then he fights crime and corruption in the city in his secret identity Green Arrow. In his private life, Queen tries to get back into a relationship with his ex-girlfriend Lauren. Their father, a detective, is not very enthusiastic about the arrival of the new superhero in Starling City. He has made it his business to arrest the Knight of the Just. But that’s not all; it soon turns out that Oliver’s mother also has something to hide. She knows more about the shipwreck than she wants to reveal. Queen soon realizes that she is more ruthless than thought.

In The Service For Justice For Almost 80 Years

The TV series Arrow brought the DC Comics hero Green Arrow to life. That had already made his appearance on the Smallville show. Arrow, however, is not a spin-off, but an independent series. The superhero first made his big appearance in the comic book templates in 1941. Stephen Amell plays the leading role in the show. Before his big arrival, he had guest roles in numerous TV series. In his role as Oliver Queen, he also appeared on the TV series Flash, Legends Of Tomorrow and Supergirl. In a sense, this created a small Arrow universe. The producers discontinued Arrow at the beginning of 2020 after eight years and a total of 170 episodes.